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What a crazy day!

All quick because I have so much left to do and it's already 11:30pm.

This morning, got email from burnthappiness saying that somebody had called the house to say she had found my ATM card. I looked in my wallet, and sure enough it wasn't there. I had left it in the ATM when I got money to pay for hats at the Diesel last night. Called her, arranged to come to her workplace in the financial district, had my offer to give her a little money so she could buy herself lunch in gratitude rebuffed, went back to work.

Had a little trouble with backups — our jukebox is very touchy about the paper we use for barcodes — so I had to stay a little later than I meant to. Printed out a map to tell me how to drive work to the theater where I was meeting lilbjorn [edit: for Return of the King] — I've driven there, but never from that direction — but forgot to grab it from the laser printer when I left, so I took a wrong turn and got to the theater just as the previews were starting.

What an amazing movie! I'll gush some other time.

What a long movie, too. I knew it was long; I didn't realize it was 3½ hours long. During which time my lights were on — well, the first part of that time, anyway. They were off by the time I got back to the car. Wandered around a bit and made a couple failed attempts to find somebody to come out and give me a jump (the place I found a number for didn't have any trucks available). By chance, I ran into a public safety person from the university I work at in a nearby convenience store, and he came and gave me a jump.

So now it's almost midnight, and I have a bunch of stuff (notably cleaning and vacuuming) I want to do before K—— gets here. But I think sleeping might be more important. Also, we don't have the exact details for where/when I'm meeting her worked out; I was going to call her after the movie if I didn't get email from her, but my PDA's battery died and I didn't have her number in my phone, so I couldn't until I got home (i.e., now) by which time it's probably too late.

A very busy day! Lots of getting bailed out by other people. :-)
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