Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Come see the show I’m in!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this before: You should all come see me (and a bunch of other people) do sound effects for The Big Broadcast of 1946 at the Somerville Theater this coming Hallowe’en weekend.

This is basically a somewhat embellished re-creation of 1930s-1940s radio drama — the voice actors are in costume, but standing at mics, and the Foley artists (including me) have our own little section of the stage with our own set of mics where we make the sound effects in various ways from the mundane (knocking on a door to make the sound of knocking on a door) to the creative (a previous show used crunching celery for the sound of dismembering a body).

The shows are at 7:30 Thursday the 28th, Friday the 29th, and Saturday the 30th, and we have a Sunday matinée at 2pm on the 31st, so you can still get your trick-or-treating in. The show runs about 2½ hours. There will also be yummy old-time candies.

For more details or to buy tickets, see the show’s web site. You can buy tickets in advance either online (for a small fee) or at the Somerville’s box office, or at the box office the night of the show, but it’s a bit cheaper to buy in advance.

plumtreeblossom is also involved in the show — she’s house marm, so you’ll see her keeping the concessions sellers and newsies in line, and keeping a watchful eye out for that troublesome muckraking reporter, Leda Leaper.
Tags: arts, plumtreeblossom, pmrp

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