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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Happy birthday silverlibre 
4th-Oct-2010 10:18 am
Me: playing as a toddler in London’s Hyd
Happy birthday to silverlibre, my very favourite mother in the whole wild world! I wish everybody I loved were lucky enough to have such a wonderful, amazing mother.

I hope your day is awesome! And congratulations on your first birthday with grandbabies! Much love to you adn ka9sqb.
4th-Oct-2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
I only ever met her once, but knowing that she produced YOU makes her clearly awesome.

Happy Birthday, silverlibre! Without you, there'd be no beowabbit, and the universe would be poorer as a result.
5th-Oct-2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
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