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A good life

My friends know I’ve been through a lot of stress the last few years (actually, probably more than most of you knew). But you know, I have a really, really good life, in large ways and in small.

Just a sample:

  • I may not have enough sex in my life, but I’ve got a lot of love and warmth. I have partners who love me, good friends who love me, and lots of people who smile when they see me. I have friends who are very similar to me and friends who are very different from me, but they are all interesting. I just wish I had more days in the week and hours in the day for all of them.
  • My partners live on a stunningly beautiful tropical island with interesting and varied culture, which means that I spend a fair bit of time on a stunningly beautiful tropical island with interesting and varied culture.
  • I have a waterbed (which I bought from sionnagh, who bought it from missdimple — thanks!), which means that even on the coldest nights of these New England winters, I am toasty-warm for at least a good fraction of each 24 hours.
  • While I would not have chosen on my own to be sole resident owner of this huge house, the way things turned out I’m getting an awful lot more space than I would have been able to afford on my own, and I’m happy to be in such an old (for the United States) house with so much character.
  • At the moment, I have an excellent housemate who is cheerful, considerate, thoughtful, and low-maintenance.
  • I may not have enough sex in my life, but the sex I do have tends to be interesting.
  • I have a job that asks me to do good rather than evil, working with people who are kind, sane, and reasonable. My boss and officemate are both excellent people. I make a good salary, I don’t have to carry a pager, I get to teach once in a while, and it is extremely unusual for people to be significantly upset with me at work. (As far as I know. :-)
  • My parents (mother and stepfather) and sister are wonderful, excellent people who love me and whom I love. I’m out to all of them (as bi and poly, and probably as mildly kinky as well; I certainly don't hide it), and they’re not just accepting, but clueful.
  • I had a fabulous education. I might do a few things differently with hindsight, but I had an excellent seven years of undergraduate college, and got to study lots of fun things and do lots of wonderful stuff and make lots of excellent friends.
  • As scary as the present US government is, if you compare it with any number of other governments, present and past, this is not a bad time and place to live. (I wouldn’t want to be a non-landed white man, much less a black woman, in the antebellum South, for instance.) It's fitful and halting, but throughout the world, over the centuries, there does seem to be slow, gradual progress in how we treat the people we share this little planet with.
  • And this little planet is really a lovely place to be. It treats us well. (And some of us try to return the favour.)
And my friend K——’s coming to visit! And I got to see lots of wonderful people at the Diesel tonight! And got some beautiful handmade hats to give as presents. And they’re building us a new building at work and I’ll get my own office again! And surrealestate’s back in town! And I get to (finally) see Return of the King with lilbjorn tomorrow! And I read interesting books, which means that I get to have fascinating people, some of them long dead, talk to me and share their worlds with me and teach me things! And I live (approximately) in Boston, which has zillions of universities and museums and interesting things to do and a fair bit of cultural diversity and lots and lots of people, many of them worth knowing!

Yeah, I like this life. And you, my friends on LJ and in the physical world, are a big part of why.

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