Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Delightful weekend

Had a wonderful weekend with plumtreeblossom.

Saturday early evening we went to see The Town, a Ben Affleck movie set in the Charlestown section of Boston. We both really really enjoyed it. (I enjoyed it as a movie, but I also really enjoyed seeing so many places that are part of the backdrop of my daily life in a movie.)

Then we came home to Quincy and made quiche for dinner. plumtreeblossom was really tired, so she took a nap while I made quiche and then woke up for what turned out to be a very late dinner. It felt good to be eating a home-cooked meal; we don’t do as much of that as we’d like to.

Today we were both really tired, and we slept very late. More quiche for breakfast (it’s the perfect food that way), and we ended up snuggled up in bed watching another episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos miniseries.

(We’ve been working our way through that on Netflix over the last few months, and it’s very nice and slightly weird to re-watch as and adult this series that I first saw as a child on my family’s little black-and-white TV when it was first broadcast. Seeing with plumtreeblossom as an adult this show I watched with my family as a child gives me a wonderful sense that my family is knit together, a sense of connection and continuity across decades and states — or as Carl might say, through space and time. I get a little bit of that feeling, too, when we’re driving and a Prairie Home Companion monologue comes on the radio, reminding me of happy times listening to the news from Lake Wobegone with bcat1, silverlibre, and ka9sqb.)

Anyway, as I said, we were both inexplicably sleepy, so we had a very lazy afternoon puttering around the house, and ended up grabbing dinner at IHOP on my way to walk plumtreeblossom to the T station (we were aiming for Outback Steakhouse, but their Quincy location has closed). And since seeing plumtreeblossom off, I’ve had a very sleepy but pleasant evening at home.

Yesterday it was uncomfortably hot and humid. Today the temperature, the breezy energy in the air, and the piles of dry yellow leaves all say autumn. (And the temperature, in fact, says late autumn.) But the whole weekend has been beautiful.
Tags: arts, boston, diary, family, food, local, my personal history, plumtreeblossom, science

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