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Early primary results (updated with final numbers)

The final results are in for the first-in-the-nation Democratic presidential primary, held at First Brunch in the People's Republic of Cambridge.
Candidate Votes
Howard Dean 13
Dennis Kucinich 8
Wesley Clark 8
John Kerry 7
Joseph Lieberman 5
Al Sharpton 2
Carol Moseley Braun 1
Richard Gephardt 1
John Edwards 0
Al Gore (write-in) 1
Hillary Rodham Clinton (write-in)1
Bill Barnert (write-in) 1
Aaron Birnbaum (write-in) 1
Johnny Depp (write-in) 1
Peter Pan (write-in) 1
Elmo (write-in) 1
Remember: As First Brunch goes, so goes the nation.
Tags: humour, politics

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