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New Year's Eve in Hawai'i and the trip home

On Wednesday morning, docorion and I went to the flea market, and I got some little tchotchkes for people (including myself), a bunch of cheap T-shirts (among them "You call me faggot like it's a bad thing"), and a bunch of Hawai'ian snacks (li hing mui dried fruit, Macadamia nuts, that sort of thing) which I'm thinking of using for a Hawai'ian-themed social gathering but may just end up munching on myself.

We had been planning on going kayaking Wednesday afternoon, but the surf was too high. So I basically puttered around packing and helping tidy up the house (although sionnagh and docorion did most of that).

Wednesday night sionnagh and docorion had a small New Year's Eve party, and six people came over. We played a game of Ra, and then watched a movie that one of the guests had brought over. (It was set in Boston, and was a comedy about a couple of young men who turn into vigilantes and go after the mob; unfortunately I don't remember the title.) docorion snuck off during the movie to go to bed, since he needed to be at work at 6:00am on the 1st. Unfortunately, I didn't notice when he left, so I didn't get to say goodnight and goodbye in person, but I left him a note the next morning.

After the guests left (around 10), sionnagh and walked around the block a little bit watching all the fireworks the neighbours were setting off. (Hawai'i allows individuals to buy fireworks for New Year's.) Some of them were quite spectacular.

We stayed up until midnight and celebrated the new year together. Then we ended up in a hard but I think very useful conversation. As I told sionnagh, I would have preferred to have it towards the beginning of my (mostly exceedingly delightful) visit rather than at the end, but I'm glad we had it. After sionnagh went to bed, I finished Master and Commander, which I had really enjoyed. (I love a book that stretches my vocabulary.)

On the 1st, sionnagh and I had a nice little morning puttering around together before she took me to the airport, and sat on a little wall outside and played chess (on her PDA, since we didn't have a board with us) until I needed to go through security.

My trip home had no surprises, but it was long. I had a seven-hour layover at LAX. (And they chased me out of the quiet and carpeted American Airlines terminal with the comfy chairs around 2:00am, and I had to go to the noisy, cold international terminal with the cramped uncomfortable chairs, the floor polisher, and the pallets of cargo coming through. I do not recommend LAX as a place to spend the night. I probably should have made hotel reservations, but I had sort of forgotten that my layover was that long.) I napped for a couple hours on the first flight, for maybe an hour at the airport, and for a couple hours on the flight to Boston.

Many thanks to treacle_well, who came and picked me up at the airport! It was nice to get to Boston and immediately see a friendly familiar face. We had dinner at the Rosebud in Davis Square before she dropped me off at home. And now I've unpacked, but I still have an awful lot of catching up to do (including sleep).

What a wonderful visit!

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