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Monday and Tuesday, in brief

Monday the three of us went to the water park we've been to on my previous visits here. The original plan was to meet K—— whom we know through the poly group (Pali Paths1) and her daughter D——, but they ended up not being able to make it. We did, however, meet J—— and A—— and their two kids, and had quite a nice time. Afterwards we went out to a Pali Paths dinner (which I had actually organized from Boston, since there weren't going to be any discussion groups scheduled while I was here), at which we met K—— and her husband R—— (and another person). After that we went over to K—— and R——'s house for coffee. So it was a very social day.

This morning (Tuesday) I made some more progress in Master and Commander. Then sionnagh and I went to the beach where we met K—— and D——. I got to help D—— build sand castles with moats, did some snorkelling with sionnagh and saw some pretty fish, and generally had a lovely time. I was tired by the time I got out of the water, though.

From there we (sionnagh and I) went to what is probably my favourite restaurant on O'ahu. Rest easy, O ye of sensitive stomachs, this was not another place that serves spam sushi, but a truly outstanding Morroccan restaurant, Casablanca. docorion met us there on his bike (thoroughly wet but otherwise none the worse for riding in the rain), and we had another wonderful meal there, my second. It's a prix fixe place; most of the courses are fixed, and you choose your entree. They come wash your hands twice over the course of the meal (with warm water from something like an oversized teapot, collected below your hands in an elaborate vessel they bring), and then sprinkle you with rosewater at the end when they bring dessert. We all had various kinds of lamb. It was a spectacular meal, and I was blessed to share it with people I love. If you are very, very good, when you die, you will come to Casablanca for dinner. (And if you've been very very good but also just a little bad, maybe the cute women at the next table will be dressed the way they were tonight.2)

Then a mellow drive home (the rain had abated quite a bit), and now I'm catching up on electronic errands.

Hard to believe that three days from now when I arrive in Boston it won't be T-shirt and swimsuit weather any more..

1 A pun on the Hawai'ian word Pali, meaning cliff face — the church where the poly meetings are held is on the Pali Highway.3
2 I should like to have been more egalitarian here, but none of the cute men was wearing anything nearly so low-cut or navel-baring.
3 So now you know that, to my way of thinking, footnotes are not incompatible with telling something "in brief".
Tags: diary, docorion, food, hawai'i, outdoors, sionnagh, travel

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