Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Attempt at a summary

Much to tell; not enough time or awakeness to tell it all.

My last week at my old job was every bit as frantically busy as expected, but I think I covered the major bases, and I got a wonderful send-off. My boss gave me a really kind and touching goodbye. And the department threw me a little reception and bought me a wonderful going-away gift which I’m going to get a huge amount of use from (a streaming-video box that lets me watch Netflix and some other video-on-demand services on a TV).

I had a wonderful big dinner with friends on Friday to sort of mark the transition, and another one after my first day at work with bubblebabble, whom I am now working with, and bitty and plumtreeblossom. I’ve spent lots of lovely time with plumtreeblossom lately, including an unscheduled but delightful date on Sunday because she needed to come over to borrow a cup of Internet.

The new job is exciting and very busy and a little surreal in places, but in good ways. There’s a lot of ramping up to do, but I feel like I’m becoming part of the group quickly, and it seems clear already that the job is a good fit for me and I’m going to enjoy the work and the people.

This is definitely not doing the past few days justice, but I’m a bit fried right now, so it will have to do for now.

Oh! And I had a great phone call with bcat1 and spacechicken and silverlibre and ka9sqb over the weekend. And I think it was last week sometime that I got to hear the babies on the phone for the first time!

Anyway, rich full life with love and friendship and joy and change and stability and BABIES!!! and interesting work and, from time to time, even a little bit of sleep!

Oh, PS: This morning (heading in to MIT from plumtreeblossom’s, I ran into eisa in the T station! And then heliopsis and bedfull_o_books and A. and N. and J. from theatreatfirst whose LJ names I thought I knew but can’t find. It was the most social commute I’ve ever had, and if I believed in omens I would take it as a good one. Actually, I don’t believe in omens but I’m going to take it as a good one anyway.
Tags: diary, family, friends, geek, important, plumtreeblossom, work

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