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Saturday in Paradise

So yesterday docorion, sionnagh, Hamlet and I went to a little local beach and had a lovely time. I snorkelled for a bit with sionnagh, who showed me an interesting reef and some lovely fish. Then I traded off with docorion (who's feeling a lot better), and sat up on the beach and wrote a letter while Hamlet kept me company.

The beach itself was unpretentious, but the scenery was gorgeous: a row of green mountain faces to our right stretching out into the ocean, successively mistier, making me think of Scotland or Japan (neither of which I've seen in person) and just sun-dappled ocean ahead of us and to the left, with a smattering of sailboats on it. No doubt pictures will be forthcoming.

Oh, I should apologize in advance that not as many people are going to get postcards this time as usual, partly because it's been a very packed trip so far, and partly because I'm running out of notecards and I haven't gotten a chance to stop in any place that sells postcards I like. I might get a chance to fix this before the end of my visit here, but if not, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you.

So after the beach, we dropped off Hamlet at home (and I took a quick shower to get the salt and sand off), and then we went to Moshi Moshi Tei, a Japanese place with excellent food that's one of our standards. docorion and sionnagh say their sushi is outstanding; since there were no Abominations in the Sight of the Lord1 on the menu, I didn't try any. I can say that their beef katsu and their vegetable tempura were quite good.

Then, after a brief shopping trip, we dropped docorion off at home, and sionnagh and I went out to see Paycheck. I enjoyed it. I didn't feel like the plot held together very well, and I had a hard time sufficiently suspending disbelief (harder than with Minority Report, which was stylistically pretty similar), but I liked the characters and the cinematography and the soundtrack and the pacing; it was good escapist fun.

docorion's working today -- his only day at work while I'm here! -- and I think the plan is for sionnagh and I to hike Diamond Head Crater again. Yay!

You know, it's not really under serious consideration any more, but whenever I visit here it hits me that if I lived here I could hike or swim pretty much every day. Yes, even with a job, since sionnagh has a pool.
1Thou shalt not grind the leavings of the flesh of the swine with water and salt and sawdust, and call it spiced ham, and fry it and place it atop rice, wrapped in the leaves of the ocean: For it is an abomination. II Hormel 3:8-9
Tags: arts, diary, docorion, food, hawai'i, outdoors, sionnagh, travel

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