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I have a new housemate!

Yay! I have a new housemate, starting officially on the first but gradually moving in between now and then. And he seems nifty and (like me) is a Unix sysadmin and he and plumtreeblossom get along really well, judging by their very animated and far-reaching conversation when he first came over to see the place.

(Of the top of my head I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t mention his LJ name here, but I feel weird about doing that without explicit consent. But, O housemate, feel free to identify yourself here if you like.)

I am moving back down to the smaller bedroom, and he’s taking the larger one. On the whole, I think I’d be happier back in the downstairs bedroom anyway; there are advantages to being on the same floor as the bathroom, the kitchen, and your office.

Now it’s bedtime.
Tags: diary, house, important

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