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Hawai'ian food

Got here safely, although the second leg of the flight was long. Usually I change planes on the west coast, and it's five hours to California and six to Honolulu. This time I changed planes in Chicago, so it was two hours to Chicago and then nine hours to Honolulu, which is a long time to be sitting. I got about three quarters of the way through Master and Commander, though, and I probably napped for about half an hour.

When I got here (on Christmas night), we wandered around for a bit on our way home looking for a restaurant that was open. Absense of such had me saying "Bah, humbug" a lot. We finally ended up in a place called Kuru Kuru Sushi. I don't much care for sushi, because I don't like the texture of raw fish (or roe), but I like the other things that Japanese restaurants normally have, so I figured I'd be fine. (I also very much like wasabi and pickled ginger, so I like going to restaurants with other people who are having sushi.) But no such luck -- when we sat down, we discovered that aside from jello and miso soup, they didn't have anything at all but sushi. Oops. However, this was a sushi place in Hawai'i, so I needn't have worried. I had miso soup, an order of California roll, miso soup, an order of egg sushi, and two orders of spam sushi. They had hot dog sushi, but I didn't have any. (They also had unagi and salmon and all those things, of course, so sionnagh and docorion were happy.)

Today for breakfast while sionnagh was at a dentist's appointment, docorion and I stopped in at another Hawai'ian-Japanese restaurant where I had scrambled eggs and Portuguese sausage over fried rice. (And yes, this was on their breakfast menu.) I'm sure my arteries don't, but I like Hawai'ian food. Yes, even the spam, ashamed though I am to admit it.

This afternoon sionnagh and I did a little hike along the Pali lookout and then went over to our friends Kris and Ross for dinner. (docorion is sick, so he didn't join us. He has an infection of Cruddus cruddius, poor boy.) Then we came home and played Palabra.

It's been a good visit so far. It's great to be here. Hamlet is just as adorable as ever. Yay! The only bad thing is that it's been really hot and humid, but I don't think I'm going to get much sympathy from those of you I left in the northeast. :-)

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