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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Still (increasingly desperately) looking for a housemate 
7th-Feb-2010 07:09 pm
Local: Quincy house pre-purchase
Hi. Still looking for a housemate for my place in Quincy. I’ve reduced the rent to $400.00/mo. all utilities included. Know anybody who needs a place to stay, but hasn’t been able to find anybody willing to take them with that serial axe-murder conviction on their record? Point ’em my way; better dead than foreclosed, right?

My current Craigslist posting (now with photos) will expire in a week, so for reference after that point, the text of that posting is below the cut.

$400 Rent reduced -- all utilities included (Quincy Center)

Date: 2010-02-07, 6:56PM EST
Reply to: hous-eb8dw-1590606009@craigslist.org

Seeking roommate to fill a small furnished bedroom (about 9'x9' plus a short hall and some storage) in a 2 bedroom house (half of a duplex) in Quincy, 15 minutes' walk from the Quincy Center T station. $400/mo includes all utilities. (Except cable; there's no cable currently.) Laundry in the basement, and the world's cutest wee tiny little dishwasher. Lots of off-street parking. Hardwood floors.

Why so cheap? Well, the room is very small, and I'm in a hurry to get somebody in it. (I can just about pay the mortgage on my own, but not the winter's heating bill!)

A cat lives in the house, and another cat would be possible, subject to her approval. Fish or reptiles in a terrarium would certainly be fine.

I'm friendly, respectful, fairly quiet, and generally easy to get along with. I work in IT at a university, and spend a fair amount of time at my girlfriend's place in Somerville. I listen to NPR (and the kind of music you hear on NPR). I tend to be up late, but very quiet in the evenings. For more about me, you can see my ancient and poorly maintained web site at http://www.aq.org/~js/ .

No smoking in the house (not even in February snowstorms), but there's a covered porch.

First and last months' rent preferred to move in; if last month in advance is a problem that might be negotiable. Available immediately; first month can be pro-rated.

S. Walnut St. at Atherton St.
9th-Feb-2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, my. I'm very sorry to hear that you need a housemate desperately!
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