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Seems like the time for buying cars

Well, DD (of surrealestate fame) and zzbottom both bought cars recently, and now it's my turn. Yay! I have the title, and will have actual possession of the car on Monday or so. I find it cute that my car and DD's car are involved.

I'm so excited about all the things I'm going to be able to do: Buy whole gallons of milk! Buy a door and a roll of insulation from the Home Despot! Drive to the movies on a whim! Visit my sister again!

So this leaves me with the question of what the car's name is. It's a 1989 Toyota wagon, charcoal-grey, with a roof rack. I think she's a girl, but I'm not quite sure. Red Emma (the Saturn wagon) was female. Mr Toad, of course, was such a boy, and would never stop to ask for directions - although in fairness, that might be because his driver's-side window is lame and he can't roll it down. (I'll be selling him, preferably after I manage to get him started again. He's getting up in years and needs a warm place indoors, which he doesn't have here.)

DISCLAIMER:Beowabbit does not actually believe in any silly theories of gender such as those implied above. But Mr Toad was definitely a boy.


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