Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Furnished room for rent in my house, $400.00/mo. plus utilities

Howdy! The smaller room in my house (in Quincy, a 15min walk from the Quincy Center T station and walking distance from the shops and restaurants on Hancock and Washington Streets) is available starting immediately. Here’s the text of the ad I just posted to Craigslist:

Small room in nice duplex near Quincy Center, $400/mo

Seeking roommate to fill a small furnished bedroom in a 2 bedroom house (half of a duplex) in Quincy, 15 minutes’ walk from the Quincy Center T station. $400/mo plus half utilities (oil heat, gas, and electricity — there’s no cable TV currently). Lots of parking. Laundry in the basement, and the worlds cutest wee tiny little dishwasher. Lots of off-street parking. Hardwood floors.

A cat lives in the house, and she probably wouldn’t get along with other four-footed mammals, although fish or reptiles in a terrarium would be fine.

I’m friendly, respectful, fairly quiet, and generally easy to get along with. I work in IT at a university, and spend a fair amount of time at my girlfriend’s place in Somerville. I listen to NPR (and the kind of music you hear on NPR). I tend to be up late, but very quiet in the evenings.

No smoking in the house (not even in February snowstorms), but there’s a covered porch.

First and last months’ rent to move in.

Feel free to disseminate far and wide, either by pointing people at this post or by pointing them at the Craigslist post (although that will expire in a few days).
Tags: house, psa

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