Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

PSA — voicemail’s been broken

So, I just discovered that my voicemail has been broken for an indeterminate amount of time (but probably no more than a couple weeks). I was using a free online voicemail service called MessageSling, and I just had somebody tell me that they had left me voicemail, which I never got notified about. So I went to the MessageSling site and tried to log in, and their front page is up, but once you try to log in their SSL server is not. No idea if that’s related or not (maybe they were just doing maintenance when I checked), but anyway, I know that I have missed at least one piece of voicemail recently, so if you left me a message any time between the 10th (the last time I know I successfully got voicemail) and now, I didn’t get it. (Note: I have no idea how typical this experience is; this is the first problem I’ve had with MessageSling since I started using them a couple years ago.)

I’ve switched to Google Voice for my voicemail now, so if you leave me messages in the future I should get them.

(No change to my phone number; it’s still the same one. If you need to be reminded, it’s in this Friends-locked post.)
Tags: diary, psa

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