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LJ slut stats

LiveJournal Slut Score for ~beowabbit
Percentage of your friends you've met 72.60%
Percentage of your friends you've kissed 9.59%
Percentage of your friends you've sexed 13.70%
Percentage of your friends you fancy 17.81%
Slut points 130
(Based on 73 LiveJournal friends)
Take the LJ Slut Test by ~skx comment here
Hmmm. 13.7% for LJ friends I've been sexual with (assuming a fairly liberal definition) seems high, and 9.59% for people I've kissed (but not been otherwise sexual with) seems low. (And 17.81% for people I fancy but haven't kissed seems way low. :-) But I'm the one who filled out the form, so I guess I should believe the numbers.

(Shouldn't I be packing instead of filling out quizzes?)

PS — Yay! I love my new hat!

Tags: friends, memes, sex

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