Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

No cough! And moving-house dream.

➀ Today, for the first time since my cough developed, I woke up without any coughing fits! Oh, I’ve had the occasional cough this morning, but basically I’ve been fine. This is a red-letter day!

➁ I had an odd dream this morning. I had just moved into a little house by a canal in an industrial district with a bunch of other little houses nearby. I had some housemates, at least two of whom were somebody who was kind of like sionnagh but not quite, and somebody who was kind of like spacechicken but not quite. Anyway, the first night in the house, I looked out my bedroom window at the canal, lay down, and went to sleep. In the morning, I woke up, looked out the window at the pretty canal passing by, and started to get dressed. Then I realized that the pretty canal had been passing by! I looked out the windows in some other rooms, and sure enough, the scenery was passing by through them, too. So I checked in with the other housemates, and it turned out that the house was a train car — basically a mobile home designed to live on the rails and be carted around by train rather than truck. I hadn’t noticed the rails when I’d moved in, because the house was surrounded by neighboring houses, all covering the tracks.

Anyway we were moving to another city for a reunion performance of the band that not-quite-spacechicken had been in. And in the meantime, we were just living our lives as usual in the house while we moved along.

I was OK with this, but kind of nonplussed, because I’d sort of assumed that if you move into a house in City X, you can assume you are going to stay in City X, and give that out as your address, and so on. But the other housemates all assumed I’d known about this plan when I moved in, and I was enjoying the experience of having my morning coffee at the kitchen table and watching the scenery roll by.
Tags: diary, dreams, health

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