Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Finally home

Thanks to plumtreeblossom for that previous post!

I’m finally home. Copied and pasted from an IM session, here’s the short version of my evening:
Wow, that was an adventure!
I was caught up in the chaos downtown. Heard the announcement that Park Street was offline and they were bussing both directions, so I got out at Boylston (where there were a few emergency vehicles), found a restaurant, had a very leisurely dinner, and walked to Downtown Crossing hoping I could catch the Red Line there.
But Downtown Crossing was crawling with fire trucks and ambulances too, and they were sending people back to Park Street to wait for busses, which still hadn't started running. (So everybody who *didn't* stop to have dinner had been waiting all that time.)
When a bus eventually picked us up, the driver assented to the overwhelming demand of the crowd to go to JFK/UMass -- he had no instructions about where to go -- but he didn't know how to get there, so he recruited a volunteer navigator.
And traffic was very very slow on I-93, probably mostly because of the T being down, but also partly because the highway department happened to choose today to trim the branches of the trees down the median.

(According to announcements in the bus, no Red Line trains were running between Harvard and JFK/UMass, and there was some Orange Line service shut down too.)

I didn’t see any evidence of injury, but then by the time I arrived on the scene it had been nearly an hour since the original evacuation of the stations.

Not quite what I planned for the evening, but I’m home now and I have a kitty who’s glad I’m home.

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