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Update About Beowabbit WRT Subway Fires 
16th-Sep-2009 08:36 pm
Sign: Jay Street
Hi, this is plumtreeblossom posting for beowabbit. He wanted to let all of you who were aware of the MBTA station fires this evening know that he's okay; he was on the scene in the midst of the station evacuations, but he's fine and is on a bus home to Quincy as I type this.

News of the fires at Downtown Crossing, Chinatown and South station can be found on www.boston.com. They report that the fires were electrical in nature.
17th-Sep-2009 02:09 am (UTC)
Thanks! By the time I got to the huge crowd, it had probably been an hour since the initial evacuation, but also Boston.com says there were no injuries, so nothing horrible to witness. Although there sure were a lot of paramedics. That probably would have been the best place in eastern Massachusetts to have a heart attack.
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