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So when I got home from work today there were two boxes of $WINTERHOLIDAY presents — one from my sister Bevin, and one from my parents Ruth and Don. From my parents I got two pair of toasty-looking knit slippers, a really lovely little stone bowl made from some sort of sedimentary rock that looks like woodgrain, and a crock pot, along with a yummy recipe for Italian beef, and money to go buy the ingredients. Wow! I'm actually going to cook something! And the little booklet that came with the crock pot points out that you can make corned beef and cabbage in it; yum! From Bevin I got a beautiful tuned dark bamboo wind chime that has the shape of a Pan-pipe, a miniature magnetic-poetry set with its own keychain-sized fridge, and a "Friend of Tinky-Winky" T-shirt. I may need to wear the T-shirt to work next coming-out day (not that I'm not already out, of course). [Edit: Also from Ruth and Don, a beautiful translucent stone candleholder that you put (what I think are called) tea lights in, so the light shines through the stone.]

Yay! If y'all are reading this, thank you! How delightful to come home to such thoughtful gifts from people I love!

While I'm thanking people for warming my heart, surrealestate, your card sure was heartwarming, and I'm really looking forward to seeing you!

My life is full of love and joy.
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