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So I finally finished Oliver Twist last night, which I'd started on my last trip to Hawai'i. I really enjoyed the language and the descriptions of early 19th-century London. I did not enjoy the anti-Semitism. Granted, Dickens portrayed lots of the Christians in the book in pretty loathsome terms, too, but they weren't constantly identified as "the Christian". I've only read this book and A Christmas Carol; does Dickens have any sympathetic Jewish characters in his novels?

Yay, now I can start on Master and Commander.

My stomach bug, which I'd thought was completely gone yesterday, came back today, (although not nearly as bad). Tiresome, though.

The Poly Boston discussion here was very well attended! So I found a topic that brings people out. That was cool.

And I'm tired and it's time for me to go to bed. :-)
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