Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Festival@First 6 photos

Hi! plumtreeblossom took a bunch of pictures of Festival@First 6 with my camera, and I’ve just finished selecting and uploading them to Flickr. (She had previously cropped and posted a bunch herself.)

The photos I’ve uploaded are available as a set in my Flickr photostream as well as in the Theatre@First Flickr pool; the ones plumtreeblossom uploaded a few days ago are also in the Theatre@First Flickr pool as well as posted to her journal.

And here are links to the individual shows (by Flickr tag):

Sorry they aren’t cropped or colour-edited; I just haven’t had time.

(Cross-posted to my personal journal and theatreatfirst.)

Tags: important, photos, reference, theatreatfirst

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