Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

sick ’wabbit is sick

I’m not dead, but I’m not sure that wouldn’t be an improvement. As you know if you read plumtreeblossom’s journal, I’ve had a nasty flu.

Wednesday night I started feeling icky, and when I went to bed (uncharacteristically early) I texted work to say I wouldn’t be in. Thursday I basically spent all day in bed, spending a few minutes on the computer to say a few things to folks at work (although reading was an effort), and spending a couple hours in hot bath — that long mainly because that’s how long it took me to muster the energy to get out — and except for the occasional ordeal getting downstairs to pee or get something from the fridge (despite my nausea) I spent all day sleeping.

My darling plumtreeblossom came over and brought me juice and yogurt and similar things to fend off starvation and dehydration, and called cathijosephine, so she checked in on my and brought me a hot toddy full of ginger before going to bed. I’m so lucky to have people who take care of me.

Friday I again stayed home and spent most of the day in bed, but I was able to focus for about half a movie, and I think my fever broke.

Today, I’m over the fever and joint-ache parts and able to stay mostly conscious, but my nasty cough has started, worse than it usually is. When I start coughing I need to sit down, because if it goes on for very long, I won’t be able to keep my balance, and after the worst coughing fits I feel dizzy tingly all over. Good thing my limbs don’t ache any more, because my chest and belly muscles and throat are in a great deal of pain — the throat not being “sore throat” pain I think, but just injury from coughing. Bleh. Mare is coming over shortly, and is bringing me flu meds. (I’m embarrased to say I just discovered some unexpired cough syrup in the bathroom; if I’d realized I had that last night I might be in better shape.)

Anyway, sorry for whining!
Tags: diary, health, plumtreeblossom

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