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OK, I’m starting to get predictable...

Lovely weekend. (Isn’t that how all my posts start?)

On Friday, I met plumtreeblossom after work in Central Square (with some difficulty, since I was incorrect about where the CVS we were supposed to meet was), and we went to Shalimar of India, where I had exceptionally good lamb korma. Then we went to joyeous’ birthday party, where we had a delightful time chatting with folks, watching Treehouse of Horror and (if I’m remembering correctly) little snippets of Return of the Living Dead in honour of it being Friday the 13th, petting her housemate’s very soft bunny rabbit, and generally having a lovely time. Thanks to audioboy for giving us a ride back to Mare’s place.

On Saturday, we met a friend to go to the Flea, where we had a productive day of shopping. Then we got a ride to my house in Quincy, where we had a game of Munchkin (plumtreeblossom’s first) with cathijosephine and darxus and watched a little bit of Spun, a creepy-funny movie about speed freaks that they were watching when we came in. I like the fact that we spent our Valentine’s Day with three other people, and that didn’t detract from it being a sweet, romantic date

On Sunday, after breakfast at a little hole-in-the-wall diner near my house, we went to the Museum of Science, where in addition to wandering around the permanent exhibits a bit we saw the frog exhibit and watched an IMAX movie on the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers. Then after a brief stop at the Cambridgeside Galleria so we could both drool over gadgets I took her home. We both have tomorrow (Presidents’ Day) off, so we’ll have a day to rest and recover from all the fun. And we do have an awful lot of fun.
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