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A pleasant walk

Well, I didn’t get much of what I wanted to get done today, but I got something else done I’d been meaning to get done for a while.

I met treacle_well for brunch at Sound Bites at noon, and had a yummy meal and a nice conversation. I started off from there to stop by an art supply store, but listening to the awful buzzing of my speakers (bits of which keep falling out from under the dashboard) I decided to get them replaced instead. I was on my way to Route 1 via Rte 16 (the Revere Beach Parkway) when I passed a car stereo place on Rte 16 itself, so I stopped there, and yes, they could do it, but it would take a while. So I had a lovely long walk along Revere Beach Parkway (and environs) in the drizzle and heavy wind. Seriously, this is the sort of weather that makes me love New England. It wasn’t too cold, it was sunny most of the time (despite a few occasional raindrops and even a light snow flurry towards the end), and oh, my was it windy. I love the wind.

I had debated tossing my camera in the car on my way out to meet treacle_well because I was vaguely considering walking along the Charles and taking some pictures afterwards, but I didn’t. I regretted that quite a bit when I was walking along a bunch of old (decaying but mostly not abandoned) industrial buildings off of Rte 16. I may have to go back there and take some pictures.

Anyway, now I can listen to the radio in the car without that awful buzzing!

Tags: cars, diary, food, friends, outdoors

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