Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Brazilian barbecue!

plumtreeblossom and I just had a wonderful dinner at Terra Brasili’s, a Brazilian barbecue (rodízio) place in Quincy Center. It was so yummy! Ever since the Brazilian barbecue place in Kenmore Square that cathijosephine and I used to go to closed, I’ve been craving it, and I noticed this place before I moved to Quincy, but somehow I never managed to try it before. So glad to find out that it’s just what I’ve been missing! And they sell all-you-can-eat (traditional rodízio style, carved at the table) or by-the-pound (where you ask them to carve what you want onto your plate and weigh it) And the buffet of sides was great.

So, a meat-heavy cuisine I’ve been craving within easy walking distance. My cardiologist is not going to be happy. :-)
Tags: diary, food, local, plumtreeblossom, quincy

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