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More on my parents’ visit

So I had jotted down all the things I did with silverlibre and ka9sqb while they were here on a piece of paper. Paper was a thin flat substance made from trees or other plant matter which could be marked with pigment to store writing. Unfortunately, it was easily lost, and the writing was easy to damage, for instance, if the paper were accidentally washed, and you couldn’t grep for things written on it, so it depended on elaborate, complex, and difficult filing schemes like “not putting important stuff in the middle of piles of useless stuff” or “keeping things in approximate chronological order, or some other sort of predictable order”, which is why nobody ever uses it any more. Or at least why I shouldn’t.

Anyway, I can’t really do an accurate day-by-day list of what we did, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Meals including Firefly’s, Mother Anna’s (where plumtreeblossom and I have wanted to take them ever since we first went there, well before they planned to visit), my mother’s delicious beef roast, Namaskar, and many other excellent meals
  • A duck tour of Boston with plumtreeblossom, which she had done before but none of the rest of us had. It was a lot of fun.
  • A Boston Harbour cruise aboard a tall ship! This was really delightful, and my stepfather ka9sqb had a long chat with one of the crew, so we ended up learning quite a lot and getting some nifty stories. (He’s an incredible people person. My sister bcat1, his stepdaughter, comes by it honest. :-)
  • A free outdoor concert at the Hatch Shell with plumtreeblossom, her housemate vanguardcdk, and cathijosephine (with beef roast as picnic dinner).
  • Lots of sitting out on the back deck.
  • EDIT: Oh, and I just remembered: the August Moon festival in Chinatown with plumtreeblossom. (She and I also went to Quincy’s August Moon festival today, albeit without my parents.)
Um, and many other things. Which I desperately want to write about but can’t quite remember right now. This is why you should never trust paper. (Anybody want to remind me of stuff I’ve missed?) You can trust my parents, though. They’re awesome!
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, family, food, friends, outdoors, plumtreeblossom

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