Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

A Post From Plumtreeblossom About Beowabbit's Birthday

Hi, this is plumtreeblossom logged into beowabbit's LJ account (with permission) to get in touch with beowabbit's friends who don't know me, and folks who are on his f'list but not mine. As you might know, beowabbit's birthday is fast approaching. :-) To celebrate, some of us are collaborating to get him a very special gift, a Canon Powershot S5 IS. He loves photography, and this camera will let him go to new levels with it.

Obviously, this gift isn't a surprise, and he picked out the camera himself. I'm posting here so that anyone on his f'list who would like to join in on the gift can find my public post about it, which is here:

There's a Paypal link there for anyone who loves The Wabbit and wants to help make his birthday shiny. :-)

All the best,

-plumtreeblossom (Mare)

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