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Festival@First Five fotos (first fraction) 
10th-Aug-2008 07:10 pm
Me: taking pictures in Hawaii
So I took a bunch of photos of Festival@First last week (opening night) and posted them to Flickr, and then realized that they were spoilers and I shouldn’t make them public until the show was over.

The fabulous show is now over, and the photos are up here! Unfortunately, (1) my camera isn’t great in low-light conditions, (2) I didn’t have a tripod, and (3) I didn’t (and still don’t, given my parents’ visit) have time to adjust them for optimal viewing. But I figured they were worth posting anyway. The ones that aren’t too fuzzy do get better with tweaking, so if there’s one that you’d love if it were brighter or had better contrast or weren’t quite so green, let me know.

These are all from the first act, since that day plumtreeblossom’s back was in terrible pain, and we needed to leave at intermission. But on closing night I got shots of the shows I hadn’t gotten on opening night (as well as some more of “Last Minute Adjustments” and “Playwriting 101”), and I’ll post those when I get a chance (probably after my parents’ visit).
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