Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Thank you to beetiger!

So recently beetiger started a 24-hour ’zine project to benefit a fund for survivors of the Knoxville UU shooting. I signed up. And then I almost forgot about it. And today it was in my mailbox — a paper ’zine, like back in the ’80s! (Only without obvious hand-corrected mistakes and physical cut-and-paste marks on every page.) It is very cool, and it’s basically about all sorts of crafting and art projects. The title is “Femina faber, femina ludens”, and when I heard about it I thought it was a cute little self-referential idea — that she was going to make a ’zine about how she was making a ’zine. But it’s a lot more practical than that; it’s basically a bunch of how-tos for interesting- and fun-sounding projects. (cathijosephine, you especially should look through it at some point.) And it came with a nifty little sculpey (?) micro-sculpture of a face with a vine crossed over it.

Go beetiger! Thank you!

(If anyone is inspired to donate [EDIT:] and get a copy, she says you can still do so. Her entry announcing the project describes how, with an optional PayPal button.)
Tags: arts, friends, psa

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