Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

plumtreeblossom's cast rocks!

Just saw the first half of the opening night of the Theatre@First one-acts. I left with plumtreeblossom at intermission because she had hurt her back really badly and the drugs were wearing off, but we got to see the one-act that she directed, and it was fabulous! (So were the others. I was really delighted with how well everything came together.) The cast did a really wonderful job, and the audience had a great time. I was so pleased!

Fortunately, plumtreeblossom still had my cane from when she broke her toe the other week. Her body seems to be out to get her lately. Yay for painkillers.

PS -- The cast got us wonderful gifts. One of mine is going to enable me to fulfill a lifelong dream; it's something I've always wanted but never had. Come to think of it, the other one will help in the fulfillment of that dream. :-) Remind me to make this less cryptic after the show's over.
Tags: diary, health, plumtreeblossom, surrealestate, theatreatfirst

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