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A couple important things I have failed to mention, and Shakespeare

So I think I haven’t actually mentioned this here: cathijosephine is moving in with me for a few months. Long story, but the short of it is that she’s renting out her condo and renting my spare room (which I’ve been meaning to get rented out for months and months!) for a while to save money towards the ultimate goal of moving up to New Hampshire onto darxus’s farm and being a farmer. There are some complicated feelings associated with her deferring the dream of moving up there for a little while, and with her renting out the condo she loves so much. But I am very excited about having her as a housemate.

Today we (darxus, mrf_arch, woodwardiocom, cathijosephine, and I, along with vast amounts of packing beforehand by xmelancholia) moved all the stuff to my house that’s coming, and the rest of them took the few big things that are going up to darxus’ place in New Hampshire up in woodwardiocom’s truck. It went much quicker than I was expecting! I didn’t think they’d be done by the time I had to take off.

And Chickenfinger’s here! I love that cat. She’s cowering in cathijosephine’s room right now; she hates travelling, and as you can imagine pretty much all of today was traumatic for her. But she’s doing OK and she’s so cute. I’m going to love having a cat around the house.

Another thing I have shamefully neglected to mention is the show that plumtreeblossom is directing. She’s directing one of the shows in Theatre@First’s summer one-act festival. (And surrealestate is the protagonist. I got to be rehearsal assistant — jobs in theatre are all about sleeping with the director! :-) It’s going to be so much fun! Y’all should come see it.

Thursday July 31, 8:00pm
Friday August 1, 8:00pm
Saturday August 2, 8:00pm
Sunday August 3, 3:00pm (matinee)
Thursday August 7, 8:00pm
Friday August 8, 8:00pm
Saturday August 9, 8:00pm


Playwriting 101
Nice Tie
Off The Map
Last Minute Adjustments
Find Me A Primitive Man
Bride and Gloom
OMG, It's Another Play

$12 Adults, $10 Students/Seniors
First Congregational Church of Somerville
89 College Avenue
Somerville, MA 02144

And now, I need to hop in the shower, because I’m about to go meet my lovely plumtreeblossom for Shakespeare on the Common! Yay! And tomorrow morning we get to have brunch with the cast and crew of the festival.
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