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Quick sleepy happy update

Too tired to do more than bullet points, but here they are:

Great rehearsal last night. I'm excited about the show.

Then went sushi with plumtreeblossom, surrealestate (who is in the one-act plumtreeblossom is directing; I’m just a rehearsal assistant), and a friend of surrealestate’s visiting from California.

Lovely time with my sweetie. I love our balcony conversations.

Got to work insanely early for me. I was there before 9. Did you know that the sun is actually up already by 9? Who knew?

Slightly abbreviated gym trip after work.

Then met cathijosephine for a late dinner at the place in Quincy that has our favourite pastrami sandwiches. Unfortunately she was feeling very ill and couldn't actually eat any pastrami. But she did have some French fries and some Vitaminwater, and that made her feel a lot better. Then stopped by her place briefly for a beer. Had a good time catching up with her.

Got home. Found a mysterious package on the porch. Puzzled. Opened it. It has mugs with a picture of Hamlet, the Best Dog in the World, on them — a gift from sionnagh. Wow, that really made me happy!

Also got email from allterrainbrain; delightful to hear from her.

Tomorrow I have a davis_square gathering to go to after work, and I get to see my lovely plumtreeblossom at that.

Right now, though, I am can’t-keep-eyes-open tired. ’Wabbit sleep now.
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