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Master and Commander

As those of you who slogged through my list of firsts and lasts last night will know, I saw Master and Commander with Andrew last night. It was utterly androcentric. It was an unapologetically uncritical war movie. It had a very simple plot. It had plenty of rum and a bit of the lash, but no sodomy. Nevertheless, I loved it. I can’t really say any more about it than Dreaming already has in his little review, which is part of what inspired me to see the movie. I second his comment that the soundtrack was excellent. I’d see it again, soon.

PS — Bits of it actually reminded me of Star Trek in tone. Russell Crowe is hundreds of times (well, dozens of times, anyway) the actor William Shatner is, but Capt. Jack Aubrey could have been the model for Captain Kirk.

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