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aq.org email flaky 
21st-Apr-2008 06:07 pm
Geek: Mac 64
aq.org is the current target of a huge storm of backscatter spam (i.e., bounces of spam allegedly, but not actually, sent from aq.org), which is bringing the email system to its knees. I've already had to reboot the machine once and do a lot of work diagnosing things. Unfortunately, I’m going to be away from a keyboard for a few hours, and it's possible that the machine (or email on the machine) may go down in the interim.

I’ll do my best to take care of things when I get back home. It’s possible, I’m afraid, that the quickest route to getting it up and running reliably long-term may be to reinstall it on new hardware, so I may be up all night tonight. :-/ Hope not.

[EDIT: After the reboot and a lot of manual unclogging of the tubes, aq.org seems to be doing OK. I still need to prioritize upgrading it.]
22nd-Apr-2008 01:03 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was pretty sudden, and I saw a similar but much smaller bump at work. (At work we have much better spam filtering, partly ’cause we can throw money at it, and partly ’cause I get up to eight hours a day to work on it when needed.) I wonder if some software package used by spammers that used to mail from randomly-generated addresses or from something like Friend@public.com got upgraded and now sends from real addresses from its database.
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