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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
More Hawai'i pictures 
12th-Nov-2003 12:24 am
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09
I've annotated the pictures from our hike up Diamond Head Crater, and posted some of them at http://www.aq.org/~js/gallery/2003.11.05-diamondhead/ (also linked from my gallery page). Also, the URL for the Ko 'Olina Beach pictures has changed to http://www.aq.org/~js/gallery/2003.11.04-koolina/, although I made a symlink so the link I posted earlier should still work.

My cold was getting worse for a while (which is why I didn’t make it to the Diesel tonight), but now I think I’m over the worst of it — although Andrew says my voice sounds terrible. So I think I will go to bed now and try to keep getting better, despite the fact that I owe you all an update on the last few days of my wonderful trip. :-)

12th-Nov-2003 03:26 am (UTC)
*virtual chicken soup!*

Missed you at Diesel last night.
12th-Nov-2003 04:43 am (UTC)
shockingly enough, i have non-virtual homemade chicken soup around in my kitchen somewhere :) and as of last night, some tuscan bean soup.

basically, it's soup weather.

however, i'm not conveniently located anywhere near malden, so beowabbit is still most likely to only receive virtual soup.
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