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Fun busy social few days

(Sorry no Rabbit Hole Day post this year; I don’t have enough brain cells to be creative right now. You get the following by virtue of the fact that most of it was written yesterday on the T.)

So last long weekend was Arisia, and I haven’t stopped having fun since. On Tuesday, I ended up at dinner at the Cambridge location of Addis Red Sea with cathijosephine, ragingamazon, and a bunch of other people in what was sort of an impromptu farewell dinner for ragingamazon. I had never tried their new location, and I hadn’t had Ethiopian food since Meskerem in DC with plumtreeblossom, bcat1, and spacechicken. It was the yum, and the company was lots of fun.

On Wednesday, plumtreeblossom and I went to a gathering at The Burren for members of the davis_square community. The bar gave us free food, and they certainly recouped their investment; there were about 30 or 35 of us there. There were lots of Theatre@First people there, among them the wonderful surrealestate (f/k/a pheromone) and joyeous, but there were also a lot of people we hadn’t met in person, and a lot of people we (especially I) didn’t know at all. It was a great time.

On Thursday, there was a considerably more promptu going-away dinner for ragingamazon, at which I got to see and chat with a bunch of wonderful people (and the vast store of random electronic gadgets in my pockets and backpack ended up being useful).

On Friday, plumtreeblossom and I had plans to hear her good friend Peter’s reggae band, The Equalites at Johnny D’s. I’d been craving Ethiopian food again, so I suggested we have dinner back at Addis Red Sea. It was wonderful, although unfortunately it was so wonderful that I didn’t actually stop when I was full, and I ended up feeling too full to dance at the concert. The concert was awesome, though. The band was great, the music was tremendously energizing, and we ended up sitting with some mutual friends of plumtreeblossom’s and Peter’s who had stories to tell about Sarajevo and Shanghai.

For reasons I don’t quite remember we had decided to stay at my place Friday night, so after the concert we hopped on the T to Quincy. We ended up getting to bed very late, but we both slept very well and had interesting dreams.

We had planned on going to see Sweeney Todd on Saturday morning, but we got up a bit late and the showtimes weren’t convenient, so we ended up postponing the movie, and after brunch at a hole-in-the-wall diner near my house I took plumtreeblossom off, running a couple errands on the way.

Saturday evening I got together with jadia for spectacular Afghani food and delightful conversation at Helmand, after which we watched Persepolis. (I had known Persepolis was based on a graphic novel, but I somehow hadn’t realized it was animated.) I really enjoyed seeing Persepolis; it was sad, funny, quirky, moving, and somehow much more real and human than it could have been if it were a live-action documentary.

And on the ninth day, beowabbit rested. Well, I’ve been puttering around the house. I finally fixed the leak in my bathroom sink (using the tried-and-true “take it apart, realize there’s nothing you can do to fix it, and put it back together” method). But mostly I’m relaxing.

As I was telling jadia over dinner yesterday, as a child I was an introvert, more or less out of necessity since I was sick a lot (and therefore out of school a lot, and often unable to run and play with other kids). Clearly I am no longer an introvert, but it’s only been in the past few years that my mental image of myself has caught up to reality. I used to think, “Hah, hah! I’ve got everybody fooled; they think I’m an extrovert, just because I get energized by spending lots and lots of time with other people!” and it was only fairly recently that I realized that everybody who thought I was an extrovert was actually right. (I am, though, an extrovert who needs a lot of quiet alone time.) Anyway, if I had lingering doubts, this past week should lay them to rest.
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