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Flea market, Diamond Head hike, lovely dinner

Hi. Need to get ready for a trip to a water park with a friend of sionnagh and docorion's from Pali Paths, so this will be short.

Yesterday started with us spending some time at a local flea market, where I got some T-shirts and a pair of sandals (to be left here so I don't have to carry as much back and forth), and got sionnagh a little tiger bamboo scroll wall hanging.

Then we went to Diamond Head Crater and hiked up the trail, which leads up the inside of the rim to an observation post about 500ft above the crater floor, with a spectacular view of the ocean and of Waikiki. It was quite an energetic hike (at least for me); the last quarter or so is mostly stairs. It was the most fun I'd had this visit, and I hope to go back the next time I come here. I took zillions of pictures, including some good pictures of sionnagh and docorion, and got a couple of me that might become new userpics.

After that, we went to a great Moroccan restaurant in Kailua, Casablanca. (Note: docorion and sionnagh used to live in Kailua in Kona on the Big Island. This is a different Kailua, on O'ahu.) It's one of those places where they bring you a zillion-course meal, with most of the courses being fixed and the entree being the one thing you choose. It's also one of those places where they wash your hands for you a couple times during the meal and sprinkle rosewater on you afterwards. It was quite spectacular. All three of us had lamb dishes. The food was truly outstanding.

Oh, and I also got in a nice phone call to my parents in Illinois. It was good to get to catch up with them! They just had a lot of work done on their house, installing a new heating system, and along with it central A/C, a central humidifier, and an electrostatic air cleaner! My mother says it makes a big difference. Hope I can see them again sometime soon. It would be great if we could all meet here in Hawai'i. :-)

More anon! BTW, I haven't done more than skim anybody's LJ for a day or so, so send me email if there's something you particularly want me to see (although I'll try to catch up when I have a chance).

Tags: diary, docorion, family, food, hawai'i, outdoors, sionnagh, travel

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