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When it rains, it pours.

*Sigh*. The boiler is repaired. I have heat now. It's nice and toasty.

Now if I had water, that would be nice.

Just as the nice plumber guys were leaving after fixing the furnace, the pipes in the bathroom burst.

At least the timing was particularly good, since there were already plumbers here. (I think the timing is coincidental, though, 'cause it was too soon after the furnace got repaired for that particular corner of the house to have been affected.) However, they had to leave just as they were about to start work on the pipes, because they were called away to deal with a couple of burst boilers.

Our very kind second-floor tenant offerred to let me come up and use her shower and brush my teeth, though, so I'm now clean and warm. The plumbers will be coming back either later today or tomorrow morning.


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