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Ko 'Olina Beach

sionnagh and I went to Ko 'Olina Beach yesterday, and it was lovely! We swam quite a bit (and sionnagh says she saw lots of fish with her snorkel and mask), I got just mildly sunburnt on my back, we got to read lots of Harry Potter lying on the beach, we got to check out the cute people in skimpy bathing suits, and as usual I took lots of pictures. They're up at

Unfortunately, I discovered that my only copy of the script I normally use to generate thumbnails with captions is on a computer that's off at the moment, so that page isn't as fancy as normal. I'll fix it when I get back home -- and I'll add pictures from the rest of the trip, and perhaps I'll change the selection of Ko 'Olina pictures when I get back to a large screen (rather than the 9" 640x480 screen on my tiny laptop). By the way, almost all of these were taken at 1280x960; if you want a full-sized copy of one, drop me email and I'll try to remember to get it to you when I get back.

When we got home, docorion made us a yummy dinner of marinated pork roast with garlic, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans, and we played a game of Ra. I slept out on the couch last night so Hamlet1 could sleep with me (since docorion2 doesn't want him1 on his2 bed where I've usually been sleeping).

Needless to say, I'm having a wonderful time!

Tags: animals, diary, docorion, food, hawai'i, photos, sionnagh, travel

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