Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Squeeful things via LJ and USPS

Hi! First of all, thanks to all the sweet people who said sweet things about me in comments on one of my recent entries. It made me feel all warm and happy.

Secondly, three excellent things came in todays (paper) mail:
  1. A letter from the company that bought my second mortgage (which was supposed to be a bridge loan but didn’t turn out that way), informing me that it has been paid off,
  2. My tax refund check, and
  3. a lovely photograph of queenofhalves very excellent-looking recoloured tattoo!
So, y’know, life is good.

[EDIT:Oh, and tonight’s monthly Poly Boston dinner was quite fun, despite me getting there almost half an hour late.]
Tags: diary, friends, house, money

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