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Travel notes: Sunday and Monday

sionnagh and I left Boston on a 1:30 flight to Denver, where we had an overnight layover. The airplane seemed more cramped than usual, but the food was pretty good. sionnagh just had the free snack that was provided, but I bought a sandwich which was quite good.

When we got to Denver, sionnagh's bags were waiting there, but my bag was not. After a while, though, a search of a nearby carousel turned up a bag that, while not sporting my luggage tag or containing my stuff, was otherwise identical. I talked to an airline employee, but also tried calling the number on the tag, and eventually ended up reaching the person, who had indeed taken the wrong bag. He said he'd bring it back to the airport right away, and the airline agent who had been helping us gave us a meal voucher so we could grab a bite while we waited. So we got a surprisingly good Mexican meal out of the deal.

The bag hadn't been returned by the time we were done with dinner, and it was noisy and crowded in the airport, so we asked the folks at the baggage office to send the bag to our hotel when it arrived and took the shuttle. We had a very pleasant experience at the hotel (the Denver Airport Hampton Inn), marred only by the fact that my swim trunks were in the missing luggage, which didn't arrive until quite late, after Tigris had gone to bed. In fact, after a few calls to the airline had revealed that the bag had left the airport and would probably arrive before 12:30am, I walked down to the lobby so the front desk wouldn't have to wake sionnagh with a phone call and arrived just as the deliveryperson was walking in the doors with my bag! That was a relief.

One notable thing about the hotel was the excellent continental breakfast. I'd been imagining single-serving boxes of cereal, but they had French toast (excuse me, "Liberty" toast. Imagine a giant raspberry blown from the air off the Pacific coast in the general direction of the Capitol building, and your humble correspondent humming La Marseillaise as he finishes this entry.), sausage and gravy, fruit salad, yogurt, coffeecake, and lots of different kinds of tea.

So we made it to the airport this morning in good time, and are now on our way over the Pacific. This plane seems to have a bit less cramped seats, and we're not seated next to anybody this time, so it's a bit more comfortable - which is good, because this flight's about seven hours long. We read a bit of Harry Potter to each other on the plane (as we did in Boston waiting for our flight to leave), and I've been reading Oliver Twist, which I've never read before.

docorion will be meeting us at the airport. He'll just be getting off work, though, so alas Hamlet won't be in the car with him, but I'm sure we'll get to see Hamlet soon enough. :-)

PS after arriving: Within 40 minutes of arriving, I had been auspiciously greeted by not one but two rainbows off in the distance (although it was sunny where we were), and when we got home, after some puppy lovin's, sionnagh and I hopped in the pool. On the less delightful side, our wonderful docorion has some sort of 24-hour stomach bug, and November seems to be the mosquito season here. But docorion will be fine soon (and was in quite delightful spirits when he met us, due to judicious application of anti-nausea drugs), and the bloodsucking local fauna are a small price to pay for being here. (Outweighed, in fact, by the fact that the geckos seem to be out in force this time; they weren't last time I was here.)

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