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plumtreeblossom with wildflowers 
3rd-Nov-2007 10:24 am
Scenery: wildflower blossom

plumtreeblossom with wildflowers, from September. Two beauties of nature captured in one shot! More flower pics (and one more plumtreeblossom pic are here.

It’s now the beginning of November in Massachusetts, and the flowers show no signs of slowing down. They’re still covered with new blossoms and lots and lots of buds. And they’re a lot taller than they were when this picture were taken; a few plants are taller than I am, standing. (Unfortunately a few of the taller ones were knocked over wind storms last month, or there would be a lot taller than me.)

I also need to organize and post pictures from our DC trip last month.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately; I’ve been too busy living life to write about it. I will mention last Thursday, though — darxus and cathijosephine and devoken came over to watch Dil To Pagal Hai (The Heart is Crazy, I think), which is pretty much the quintessential Bollywood movie and was (as my delightful plumtreeblossom, who sadly couldn’t make it, would say) made of awesome. The costumes and dance numbers were particularly impressive even for Bollywood. And today plumtreeblossom and I are driving out to Western Mass to go to the housewarming of a couple friends and former housemates of mine. And basically life is going well, except I need to get more sleep and not decide two hours after I should have been in bed that it’s really time to organize some pictures. :-)
3rd-Nov-2007 03:08 pm (UTC)
Love you, my sweetie! You make my heart bloom. :-)
3rd-Nov-2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
Very lovely.
3rd-Nov-2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
Lovely photo!

Whenever I think of you two, I get the smiles :)

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