Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Baseball and other things emblematic of America

Had a great time at surrealestate’s watching the Red Sox lose. She was very patient with all my questions: “Why wasn’t that a foul?” “Who’s the guy standing behind the guy batting?” and so on.

Afterwards, watched some of The Daily Show, which I’d never seen (beyond the occasional clip quoted on a political blog). Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how late it was, and I missed the last Braintree train. Fortunately, there are shuttle busses from the last Ashmont train to Quincy. This is why I am still up — I just got home.

Oh, and plumtreeblossom wrote a much better narrative of our DC trip than mine. (I still intend to post pictures, but I don’t see when I’m going to get a chance to do that before the weekend.)

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