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Very belated updates

(Note: I haven’t been following LJ as closely as usual lately, so if you said something you want me to see, you might want to drop me a note or comment here.)

I had a nice long post in my head about last weekend, but I never had a chance to sit down and post it, so here are the bullet points:

  • Met with a potential short-term (several months) housemate on Saturday, and we mutually decided it would be a Good Thing. So the esteemed A—— S——, from the fair city of T——, will be renting Tom and Tigris’ room for a few months. When I come back from Hawai'i, I'll have a housemate!
  • After that meeting, the three of us (Tigris was there too) went to the Fells for a lovely and energetic hike.
  • After that, we dropped Mr S—— off at the T, and Tigris and I had a delightful Vietnamese dinner at our favourite Vietnamese place in Malden.
  • On Sunday, went to hawkegirl and sandhawke’s pumpkin-carving party, which was a blast. I stole an idea from ceo (whose LJ name I used to know but am having trouble finding at the moment) and made a smiley pumpkin, i.e., “:-)”. If I’m remotely organized enough to get a picture of it before we leave, it might become an icon. [Updated: I did, as you can see.]
  • sionnagh has been in CT with her mom for much of this week (she had stuff to do there on Wednesday and on Friday and Saturday, and coming back in between would have been just too much driving.) We’ve been doing a lot of long phone calls to read Harry Potter. :-) Free long distance is nice.
  • Busy week at work, especially Thursday night, when I worked really late since it was my last day at work before vacation and I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done before leaving.
  • Thursday night and Friday, I had computer problems (a botched upgrade) that caused me to spend much of yesterday reinstalling and my computer rather than packing. At least it was my own workstation rather than, so it didn’t affect anybody but me. (Of course, that’s why I experimented with the upgrade on that machine in the first place. :-) On the good side, I upgraded the OS while I was reinstalling, and the latest version of Slackware has much better font support than the previous one (which itself was much better than previous versions). I no longer have font envy around my friends with Macs.
  • Went to a cool Hallowe’en party last night and had a good time, but I wish I hadn’t been so tired! I ended up leaving on the early side (and getting thoroughly lost trying to find my way back to the highway, although not for very long).
  • Today I’m scrambling to get packed and get the house ready for A——’s arrival, but I think I'm going to run out for brunch before I settle down to that. sionnagh arrives tonight around 10:00, and we need to take a cab to the airport tomorrow around 9:00am. I wish I were travelling on a bit more sleep. :-) But we’ve got an overnight layover in Denver breaking up the trip, so that will be nice.
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