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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
sixmoredegrees.com back open 
27th-Sep-2007 11:29 pm
Geek: LiveJournal
Hi. As announced here, sixmoredegrees.com is back open. Inspired by the now-defunct sixdegrees.com, it’s a way of expressing social links and drawing social graphs, except it’s a bit more whimsical; it lets you express relationships like “is loathed by” and “would do unspeakable things involving runny jello with” as well as the more mundane “has met”, “is partnered with”, and “wait, who is this person, anyway?”

Like any social networking site, it relies on users making the connections among themselves, and it lets you find other users by listing their email addresses. I’m very leery about sharing people’s email addresses without their permission, though, so I won’t express any links to people who aren’t already on sixmoredegrees without their permission. So, (1) here’s blanket permission to link to me on there, and (2) if you are OK with me linking to you there by email address, you can comment here. Comments are screened.

Also, the links on sixmoredegrees are of varying degrees of intimacy. Since this is about other people, I’m reluctant to put up things like “has done unspeakable things involving runny jello with” or even “would do unspeakable things involving runny jello with” unless I know you’re OK with it. So if you are, you can comment to that effect here. Again, comments are screened. (Oh, and I give you blanket permission to tell the world you loathe and detest me, or that you would do unspeakable things involving runny jello with me.)

If you think you have a sixmoredegrees account, you should know that nine months worth of data from before it went down last time was lost (i.e., the backups hadn’t been working properly for nine months), so even if your account is still there (which it might not be), most of your connection data probably isn’t.
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