Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Room available in Quincy

Howdy. My lovely housemates thanos73 and mynext_boldmove are expecting to find a place to themselves and move out by November 1, so I’m looking for a new housemate for my place in Quincy. I’d be interested in renting either the bedroom they’re currently in, which is large, on the second floor (and therefore hot in summer, although there’s a portable air conditioner) for probably about $700/mo. plus utilities, or the much smaller room (main part about 9' by 8.5', plus a short hallway with closet and storage space) for probably about $500/mo. plus utilities. (If I had two people in the larger room, the rent would be a bit higher. I don’t think two people could manage in the smaller room without killing each other. :-)

The house is half of a duplex, and a 15-minute walk from Quincy Center (on the Braintree branch of the Red Line). I love the neighbourhood. It’s walking distance from lots of shops and restaurants. There’s off-street parking for two cars besides mine. It would be doable for somebody without a car, although your arms would get really buff from carrying groceries back from the grocery stores (which are about twenty minutes’ walk away).

I’d like somebody I can hang out with and maybe occasionally have meals with. My long-term (5-6-year) goal is to end up living here by myself, so I’m not looking for somebody who wants to stay put for the next ten years. But I like company and I like to feel like my housemates are more than just renters.

I’m sort of middle-of-the-road about cleanliness: I’m pretty cluttered in my own spaces, but I try to keep common areas reasonably tidy. I have a particular twitch about spills (sticky or oily or yummy for bacteria, not just water) getting wiped up quickly and about food getting left out (even just dirty plates), but if your clean laundry is in a basket in the living room for a day because you didn’t have time to carry it upstairs when you were walking out the door, that’s not a problem.

Anybody on this filter [EDIT: since unlocked] probably knows this about me, but for reference if you’re passing this along to other people: I’m bi, poly, and kinky. My housemates don’t have to be any of those, of course, but they have to not freak out if over breakfast some morning they should happen to bump into my girlfriend and me and some nice smiling guy with bite marks.

November 1 is a kind of clumsy time to be looking for a housemate. If this sounds like a good situation for you or somebody you know, but you wouldn’t be able to move in November 1, do get in touch with me anyway.
Tags: house, psa

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