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A dream last night

I had a slightly odd dream last night. In real life, and in the dream, I have five canine teeth -- two next to each other on my upper left. (One is smaller than the other, although maybe it just wasn't able to descend all the way.) I'd make an interesting vampire.

In the dream, I was watching a movie (or something like that -- someplace dark) and noticed that my extra tooth wiggled a bit when I pressed it with my tongue. I wiggled it for a while with my tongue in that way you do nearly involuntarily with a loose tooth, and then reached up to check with my fingers and see how much it wiggled, and it came out in my hand (with a bit of bleeding and a dull ache). I remember wondering whether over time my other teeth would shift a bit and I'd have less of a hard time flossing and a more symmetrical smile, or whether I'd just have this weird almost-but-not-quite tooth-sized gap for the rest of my life.
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