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Awesome date

So I had an awesome date with plumtreeblossom last night, with the help of nex0s, docorion, dan4th and dabunny, the awesome cast and crew of the theatreatfirst festival, gilana, surrealestate, Sears, and two lovely kitties!

First I met nex0s, docorion, and plumtreeblossom at Yoshi’s (a Japanese restaurant near plumtreeblossom’s house and theatreatfirst’s digs) for dinner and catching up while nex0s is in town. Then plumtreeblossom had to run off to get ready for her performance, and docorion suggested ice cream, so nex0s and I accompanied him to J.P. Licks in Davis Square. It was really great to get caught up with nex0s and hear some of her stories! Then nex0s and I went to the performance, where we had the unexpected delight of running into dan4th and dabunny.

The performance was a festival of short one-act plays by playwright Mark Harvey Levine, and it was fabulous! nex0s recently wrote a bit about the festival from an audience perspective, and plumtreeblossom’s post here talks about how well the festival went. It was really, really fun! I love the format — little ten-minute plays are sort of the short short stories of the stage, and I really enjoy them. Levine’s playlets are witty and entertaining and often very sweet and very funny, and the performances were all very well done.

After the plays I stayed to help a bit with strike (which mostly consisted of trying not to be in the way, since I didn’t know where anything went, but I did some vacuuming), and with such a large cast and crew (except for a little bit of doubling-up, the cast of each little play was different) the strike went pretty quickly. Then it was off to gilana’s house for a fabulous cast party. I was incapacitated by the heat for a little bit of it¹, but once I sat still for a while and cooled down I had a great time. plumtreeblossom and I spent quite a bit of the party hanging out with the lovely surrealestate (who lit up the stage as a firefly lightning bug in “In the Jar”, not to mention her development in “Cabfare for the Common Man”), and we ended up walking her home after the party. And of course, she invited us in, and, well, there was enticing green liquid. And we had some. And it was OH THE YUMMY! and we all sat out on her porch and had a lovely lovely time before plumtreeblossom and I called a cab to go to her place. (It would have been a perfectly delightful walk if it hadn’t been quite so late and we hadn’t been quite so engreenified.)

“They kiss. Lights out.”

This morning, having gotten to sleep at FOUR THIRTY IN THE MORNING, we slept until noon, with kitties keeping us company. Then we went to Sound Bites for excellent brunch, and went to Sears to get plumtreeblossom an air conditioner in advance of her mother’s visit next weekend. And then I drove back to Quincy, filled a prescription, checked on cathijosephine’s cat Chickenfinger, had dinner, and came home. I haven’t started catching up on LiveJournal.

Wow, that was a good, full, fun weekend!
¹ It has been really hot and humid in the Boston area for a few days, and between thyroid hormone increasing my metabolism, longer hair after a many-year hiatus, and testosterone producing more muscle, my ability to handle the heat is diminished.
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